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 Quick Tips that will Let You
Fix the Garage Door In Minutes

There are many problems that you could encounter with your garage door. You need to quickly troubleshoot and pinpoint what is causing the problem. The best way to do this is to move from the simplest to the most complicated solution. This way you’ll avoid unnecessary repairs and tinkering with the door.

 Door Opener
The door opener often has issues during the winter season. The circuits on the opener may be affected by ice that finds its way into the circuitry. Check the power supply and connections, as well as the circuit breaker and fuse. If the door will not close, or reverses when it hits the floor, then you need to check the close limiter switch. If the door doesn’t open completely, you need to check the limit switch. Avoid hitting the button repeatedly, this could make things worse. 

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 Frozen Door

Another common problem is a frozen garage door. The door often gets stuck, particularly in those days where you need to open and close it quickly so that it doesn’t let in cold air. You may place a portable heater next to the garage door to melt the iceaway. Alternatively, you may use commercial ice melting products which are very effective.

Maintenance and Readjustments

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Most of the time, the door only needs to be readjusted and a few maintenance procedures done. This is often the case when the door is making noises, keeps getting stuck, or does not open properly. 
Maintenance often involves lubricating the rollers, tracks and hinges, cleaning and wiping the moving parts to remove dirt, adjusting weatherstripping etc. You need to have a clear maintenance schedule. Maintenance of the
garage door should happen at least once a year. Don’t wait for it to develop problems before you can repair it.


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